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What does your organization need to know to make an informed decision? There's more to it than simply getting the most bus for your budget:

We've put together a guide to help you make decisions.This is not a product guide or a sales tool. This is an informative guide to help you make the decision that right for your organization, including regulatory issues, upkeep and operations costs, and more. Download yours today!

Legal Issues

Legal Issues

  • What kind of licenses will we need?
  • What kind of regulatory issues will be faced?
  • What about safety?
  • What about accessibility?


  • Can I customize my bus?
  • Logos and graphics?
  • What about passengers with special needs?
  • Storage?

Financial Issues

  • What will it cost to operate my bus?
  • What about a used bus?
  • Can I get service and parts?
  • What will upkeep cost?
  • And most of all: what is the best way to maximize ROI?